Recent Work

They/ Then/There

They /ThaE/ pron:

  1.  used to refer to two or more people or things previously mentioned or easily identified.

a) Easily identified

  1. used to refer to a person with unspecified gender

a) Unspecified

They /THĀ/ verb :

  1. the personal, collective, act of healing in seeing the human, broken, animal in the palms of another.
  2. Living everyday





An evening prayer for those who don’t believe in god

1) survive
the only way you know how
even if it never gets easier

2) your survival
has never been based on your worth






I will love you in waves

Crashed bodies and riptides

Of lost voices and hidden messages


I will love you in pieces

Slow and broken with gentle fingers


The only way I know how



Love letter to my skin

Let me write the letter that my ancestors would have whispered lullaby’s and drum beats
The songs my grandmother sang.
The stories my great grandfather wrote into palms, bleed beauty into petals
and shower me angelic, wrap me devin
It is the berry and the juice
equally dark equally sweet
Nurshish the parts of me starving to be seen waiting to be love

The letter would tell me not to look in mirrors too long, they paint you next to false beauty make you reach for the doubt  ache for the dirty itch to take a knife to peel back your color
Instead make basins of each time you we called beautiful, seen powerful
This skin, in its melanated perfection was made for you.
Love it in the way that only you can

Bless your melanin and bless mine too